Sunday, February 28, 2010

kemosabe and the lodge

killer blog!!!
i think i found the link via the jrscycleproducts blog.
the three contributors post cool pics and info. and some great short RiDiNg moviES!
I extremely love this one, the sound/footage killer combination!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Born loser's triumph

mike davis's triumph is featured in the current bigtwin ( issue. this is a dutch bike magazine, most of their featuerd bikes are crap but sometimes they feature a cool old harley/triumph. one of the coolest triumph's I have ever seen. loving all the cool details, finned timing cover, cool seat, super slim front wheel, flander risers,beel fork covers......the article was done by maurice, the flying dutchman!

checkout mike davis blog,!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

BoRn Free ShoW 2

I hope to attend this show in june, still searching for a cheap flight.
the organizers of this show RoCk!! you can buy raFFle tickets and win a Pan-head!! don't forgot you need to be present to actually win this motorcycle!! crazy shit!!
check or for more info.

after 8 weeks gave my jawa some kicks today. fired up after the 4th kick. freakin awesome. my jawa is in a small shed in the backyard. no heating no nothing. I installed a electronic ignition, no battery needed and a stronger spark!! I only need to check my wiring (no lights...) and make some adjustments to put some miles on my first built.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

old photo's

found some old photo's..... my dad rode a flathead in the 70's.
he still regrets that he sold the bike!

riding through breda '77. in the winter he completely rebuilded and repainted the bike!

Dutch pricelist of 1930 harley models.

some choPPers in the back!

Monday, February 15, 2010


stayed at Jp's and coLLeen's place in milwaukee. went to the harley museum on colleen's bike. new riding experience for me. just accelerate and shift!
checkout colleen's www, Colleen Swartz is a photographer working in Milwaukee specializing in Motorcycle photography!

triumph progress

still working on the triumph engine.
heads are blasted and checked. went to a swap meet in belgium bought a 3ta gasket set.
spending every free minute on sanding.....tough job but the end-result will be NiCe.
i HoPe.....
My frame is at a friend of mine, it will return hardtailed!

bubble shield

these buBBles kick ass! bought this one on ebay.