Sunday, April 25, 2010

tank designs...

got this picture from another blog, somewhere!


looking for a wassel

in search for a peanut wassel tank...please HeLp!!

want to use it for my triumph!

stole the pic from!

check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!! a cool blog from 'chopper' Tjebbe!! he has all kind of great photo's and stories!

HonDa test-ride

last week did some miles on my brothers HonDa. the bike is loud and rides good!!! no front brake...little bit tricky, but all went well!it was sunny but's a FuN RiDe!!
now my brother only need to get his license....

temperature is getting better, wtF with all the TuPPerware you know when I see an old bike. i get a gOOd feeling. I don't feel anything when i see a bike with all plastic crap and a guy pressing a button to start it... everybody has their own taste and there are some nice looking racing bikes, but i just don't feel it..same with most of the new h-D bikes.

I hardly speak to 'young' people which like old bikes...or who don't mind going 200 km per hour.
they say, I don't want a chopper. I will get that kind of bike when I'm older..... I really don't understand that view... same on the special motorcycle suit/boots etc.. I just want to take a jacket and shit. it must feel Ridiculous walking with your arms like you are a bodybuilder and your legs like you are taking a crap while walking....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

triumph bolt on

anyone have a triumph bolt on...???? need one for a 350/500 cc triumph......

send me an email if you have something!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

kemosabe and the lodge

one of my favourite short chopper movies! from the kemosabeandthelodge blog!!
now and than, I watch this clip, gives me good spirit. wants me to take the bike and go riding just to nowhere..... the movie represents in my opinion true freedom and riding!
makes me forget all the daily crap .... check their blog for cool motorcycle stufF!it's OrIgInal!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

jawa clutch plates

did some work yesterday on my jawa. never did this kind of work.
i need to clean the plates. they are too greased up with oil because of the long time without riding.
I only need to figure out how to remove the three pens and get the clutch plates..... out of the clutching house.....
for skilled people this job would probaly take 1 hour.... for me it is triall and eRRoR!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

ribbed fender

found a cool ribbed fender for my triumph project!
also pretty cheap!!

cool 60's/70's triumph's

I'm not sure but I think i found these photo's on the show and go cycle shop blog check it out!!! freakin cool blog!!!

triumph head

nicely blasted and checked head for my triumph


sorry for the lack off updates..... I just keep on sanding and polishing......
everything is done with my both hands no the end it will be a lot of hours of sanding
next week i'm going to do some work on my jawa in between job interviews
looking for some rockerbox inspection caps as on the pictures