Saturday, May 29, 2010

hated of the world

came across this blog

check it out!

my brother made a shOrT triP on my little JaWA today..... after 4 minutes of riding broke....
haha, some shit with my throtlle and carb. gone start fixin it tomorrow!

pics of the hd-museum

during my usa trip in 2009 made a stop by the HD museum....HeAvEN!!!!
in milwaukee met bacon from dc-choppers, recently he started a blog. Cool dude with a lot of knowledge about HD's!!!!
I think he is living in california at the moment!
some photo's.


I made a photo of his bike at the sins show 2009. found out a short time ago that he has a blog.
cool bike!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


did some riding yesterday together with my buddy harry..... first decent miles on my first build jawa. all went well, except losing some oil.... and not going faster than 80 km/h.....
need to adjust my carb.....

Saturday, May 22, 2010

gmp party

last weekend was invited to a great party! had a fantastic weekend!!
met great people, cool bikes, great band, nice fire and good food & Beers!!!

sik (greaseheadquarters) kick's his bike in the morning after the party...he felt the beers and short bedtime
Rene's cool triumph!

parking lot...

amazing shovel, a lot of details!

Monday, May 3, 2010

NiCe InteroiR!

photo made at the S*I*N*S show 2009, Belgium!killer show organized by the Scrapers carclub!

Scott Pommier Photography

this dude makes killer photo's!!! I think I found scott's WwW via lovecycles blog.

'70s chopper magazines

bought some old magazines from ebay!!!
can't wait to have them in my mail box. if anyone has some old magazines for sale. let me know!
I would like to have some BiG BiKE magazine!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

gReAsy kuLTure & LoVe cyCles

I try to check several blogs, one is the greasy kulture blog.
from the greasy kulture magazine! great Magazine! check it out!
came across this photo on the GK blog. they have an article in their next issue about the love cycles shop.
photo is made by Matt from the Dice Magazine at the love cycles shop in Phoenix. the day after the dice magazine issue release party in phoenix 2009.
I'm on that picture, with the grey t-shirt. at that time I made a trip through to the states.
stopped by the love cycle shop! had the best day's of my trip! got to meet a lot of cOOool PeOple!! BIG Thannks to Jeremiah!!