Sunday, January 31, 2010

the reason why I bought a triumph

Pics's say more than wordS

long beach swap meet...

Long beach swap meet Oct 2009. all kind of neat pArts! wish we had this kind of sWap mEEts in hollanD! bought me a nice nOiSe Cap.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

VaN frOm tHe 60's/70's?

In 2009 I started my trip in LA, stayed at hermosa beach and rented a bycicle. took a nice beach road to venice, I saw this VaN on a parking lot. NiCe!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

harry's homebuild triumph

I met hairy at SPS choppershow 2009! he is helping me big time with my '67 triumph project! Thanks for that! Curently he is building an extremely cool HD project! he is using a custom build engine by a Dutch builder named Cees Fick from the old dayssss....bottom hd / top british, the engine and frame blows your mind away

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


photo taken from a chopper magazine, issue july '72.loving the Old ChOpper magaziNes!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HD-museum Milwaukee

best museum ever!!!!!I stayed for about 3,5 hours, a lot of cool stuff and too little time... if i just could take one knuckle or flattie, they have plenty, probaly won't miss one....warren arranged a private tour via a friend, got to see place's in the museum were normally tourist aren't allowed.

I got to know Warren from this is a friend of jeremiah. Warren picked me up from milwaukee airport, he found a place for me to stay at his shop. the shop is located in one of 3 big compounds. I stayed at colleen and JP's place, two really hospitable persons. colleen gave me a tour through milwaukee and I could stay at their place and make use of their facilities. extremely hospitable!!! colleen is a photographer and has a cool hondamatic...!

via warren got to meet Dan, cool guy with a killer knuckle!! a couple of issue ago, he and his bike were featured in the GK. another great city which I visited during my USA trip, as well as the people I got to meet over there! good times!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

honda CB200 '77

a couple of weeks sold my '77 honda to fund my triumph project
did around 4000 miles on this bike in 10 months. not a fast bike but very reliable. it never let me down. topspeed was 70 mls.....
get some crazy/stunned faces when cars/bikes passed me on the dutch highway.
foto is made by my dad when we made a trip though Zeeland, Zierikzee. end summer 2009.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

triumph 3ta '67 project

new triumph project, 21cui from '67.
currently busy with the engine, cleaning and polishing
engine is in good condition.
a hardtail will be made by Dark Star Kustom, the Hague.
with pvc pipes made a hardtail to visualize the idea.
with many thanks to HaRRy!!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

love cycles shop phoenix AZ

on the 16th jeremiah has his one year ann at his shop in remained me of my trip in november 2009 through the VS and I stopped by the LoVe cycle shop.jeremiah and his family are really hospitable.i stayed at their place for 2 nights went to the fair and a demolition derby. next day jeremiah held a small barbecue for friends before we all went to the dice party. the next morning i even made a short trip on robert's harley.much apprecitated roberto! thanks to jeremiah and family! my days at phoenix made my trip unforgetable.

love cycle shop at phoenix AZ.

turkey legs.......
demo derby
I dig this cool pan a lot! from alround nice guy, Billy!!

reallyyyy clean and nice bike! cool pipes/headlights;a lot of nice details, bike from Joel.

crazy indian! funky details!

the shop with a love cycle creation!

me with Mr. LoVe Jeremiah, thanks for everything!

me with jeremiah's dad.

you name it....

whatever you want..... since a couple of years I'm passionate about old/ vintage chopper stuff. my dad rode a flathead in the end '70 / early '80. on this blog I will post some pic's of my latest triumph project and other bike stuff I love.
pic is of my first build, a Jawa. I 'm just graduated and in search for a job, so I never had the money for a harley, triumph, bsa project. so therefore I started with this JAwa. with the help of Phil from DSK this bike is one of a kind. everything is home-build with cheap parts.
Last week found a triumph basket case on a dutch craiglist site. it's a 21cui 3ta triumph ex-militairy bike. with the help of harry I will try to make it a cooll hardtail. I will put some pic's on the blog in a couple of day's.
in 2009 i made a trip to the US; LA, San fran, las vegas, phoenix (love cycles), milwaukee(jr's cycle products & hd-museum), new york and boston. I stayed in cheap hostel and traveld by plain,bus and train. I was the best trip of my life. met a lot of cool people. I will post some pics of this trip.