Tuesday, January 19, 2010

HD-museum Milwaukee

best museum ever!!!!!I stayed for about 3,5 hours, a lot of cool stuff and too little time... if i just could take one knuckle or flattie, they have plenty, probaly won't miss one....warren arranged a private tour via a friend, got to see place's in the museum were normally tourist aren't allowed.

I got to know Warren from jrscycleproducts.blogspot.com. this is a friend of jeremiah. Warren picked me up from milwaukee airport, he found a place for me to stay at his shop. the shop is located in one of 3 big compounds. I stayed at colleen and JP's place, two really hospitable persons. colleen gave me a tour through milwaukee and I could stay at their place and make use of their facilities. extremely hospitable!!! colleen is a photographer and has a cool hondamatic...!

via warren got to meet Dan, cool guy with a killer knuckle!! a couple of issue ago, he and his bike were featured in the GK. another great city which I visited during my USA trip, as well as the people I got to meet over there! good times!!!

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