Sunday, March 14, 2010

honda CB400

my brother and I transformed his cheap honda a little bit(he did most of the work!)I just gave some crapy advices...cut off 90% of the wires and made it kick only. different tank, seat, pipes, lights....all done in an extremely low budget.

my brother has his first motorcycledriving lesson next wednesday....and a bike in his garage ready to GO..... good thing I have a License!make some test-rides! only need a new front tire.


last june I got a master degree in supply chain management, currently busy looking for a 'rEaL' job....but no luck yet. can be depressing sometimes, a lot of rejections.... but I have good faiTH. currently have a 'sImple' job for 4 weeks, and not a lot of time behine the Pc. so not a lot oF updates. got my jawa running, but due to a year of stand stiLL I have some problems with my clutch plates...and still wiring issues...
hope to finish it after my job is done...and than make some money to go to the born free show.... DDreamSSS

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

noRton supeRchaRged.....!

my buddy harry,bought this insane supercharged norton project! 48 norton engine with supercharger!minimal ground clearance!can't wait to see this bike on the road!if anyone has some info about superchargers on motorcycle engines let me know!