Sunday, April 25, 2010

HonDa test-ride

last week did some miles on my brothers HonDa. the bike is loud and rides good!!! no front brake...little bit tricky, but all went well!it was sunny but's a FuN RiDe!!
now my brother only need to get his license....

temperature is getting better, wtF with all the TuPPerware you know when I see an old bike. i get a gOOd feeling. I don't feel anything when i see a bike with all plastic crap and a guy pressing a button to start it... everybody has their own taste and there are some nice looking racing bikes, but i just don't feel it..same with most of the new h-D bikes.

I hardly speak to 'young' people which like old bikes...or who don't mind going 200 km per hour.
they say, I don't want a chopper. I will get that kind of bike when I'm older..... I really don't understand that view... same on the special motorcycle suit/boots etc.. I just want to take a jacket and shit. it must feel Ridiculous walking with your arms like you are a bodybuilder and your legs like you are taking a crap while walking....

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