Monday, December 19, 2011


This morning I looked at a dutch chopper magazine. some pages reflected a dutch chopper show held this year, the bikes that are build these days...pfff set a side the 'what kind of style' somebody likes, but back in the days craftsmanship, detail, creativity etc. were at a high level. you can see the blood, sweet and tears the builder has put into this 45. amazing, this bike has a soul!!!! I think current bike builds miss this 'soul'.

Too many people use too many expensive parts and not looking at the total design / vibe of the bike.
The cool thing about the old bikes is that i'm learning new stuff each day. from technical to parts stuff. I just received this early edition of the jammer's handbook, the cool factor is HIGH! not only the parts, but also the david mann drawings and technical information. because this information it feels like i'm getting more and more in love with the bikes, parts i have and try to build. also with the people I meet at meetings, swapmeets etc. the atmosphere is always friendly and great fun! these people are greatly involved with the stuff they have and build, I think PASSION is the right word!

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