Sunday, January 1, 2012

Last week

This last week was pure FUN! visited friends and their bikes.

we started at rene's garage where he is building this cool ironhead chopper which will reflect the good old days! engine is completely overhauled. front fork has 8" forks. can wait to see the end result! Oh Bud, KEEP THE KNEEZES IN THE BREEZE! Love the ground clearance!!

After this we went to take a look at harry's cees fick flat track projecT!this is gonna be a cool one!

After talking about the bikes for 4 hours, we were all very hungry!! so we went to the best limburg's sandwiches!!

this food mades us hungry for more bike stuff, we went to the ironpit in helmond and visited wingpalace at Uden. at wingpalace we met our buddy Paul. we also spotted this cool honda from ruud!

we packed our shit and went to pauls place in Den-bosch fro some drinks and talks and went to this good Spanish tapas restaurant. What a great ending of a cool day with bikes and friends.