Friday, December 31, 2010

flat/board track style HD-matchless

i'm working on my triumph at the garage of my good friend Dirty Harry.
he is currently busy with a crazy bike! engine is build by a dutch guy named Cees Fick. he has build the engine in the 70/80's for racing purposes. cilinder and topend are matchless, bottom is HD wla Liberator. the engine alone is really nice and one of a kind!
Harry bought this engine some time back and he is doing an amazing job to make this bike a true winner! a lot of thinking went into this build.
the photo's don't do the bike justice, in real life it is really cool.
Harry is building this bike to go to the salt lakes in know where!


  1. Is this guy the wl45 specialist in Den Haag or another fick admirer?

  2. this guy is a true fick admirer and knows the wl45 specialist in Den haag!