Thursday, August 4, 2011

hotrod hayride 2011 'Andy's Barn Find'

The hotrod hayride ended with a big bang! Andy told us he was meeting up with a guy which sold a chopper frame from the states! me and my friends waited till midnight until he returned with the van! what a great ending! Andy is a true hero! riding all weekend on different bikes with a huge smile@! great dude!
he was happy to show us young guys his latest barn find! first time I saw a rolling frame from back in the days! Andy let us take a seat, what a dream!
great paintjob and some cool parts. the seat even had the genuine sticker on it!
Thanks a lot Andy for this great memory! very special! I still can't believe I saw it in real life... this piece from chopper history ended up with the right person! Good luck Andy!

I have some crapy cellphone pics...


  1. Cool, was toch de moeite waard om nog even op te blijven dus!

  2. haha inderdaad!erg gave herinnering!frame en paint is echt killer!