Wednesday, August 3, 2011

hotrod hayride 2011

what a weekend,still recovering from the beers, atmosphere, people, bikes and cars...
a lot of good memories....
started from zeeland, the netherlands and drove to calais France. after 10 km's already some issues with my ironhead... some carb stuff. pretty scary when driving into a tunnel.. but only some flames out of my exhaust but made it...! my buddies told it looked very cool, but it was scary...

the trip to the hayride was awesome! good weather and riding with friends!PERFECT!
especially the good vibe at the event is great! all the best cars and bikes!the beers tasted very good and only eat burgers! met some cool people! and even withnessed a rolling chopper frame from the states! Andy's special project! what a great dude! will post some pics about this project later!

the whole weekend there was sun! could not have been better. three of my friends participated in the Drag races! funny as hell! the trip back was good! no big troubles! I will post some more stuff at the end of the week! also check for more pics!

Thanks to Rinus, Jut, Rene, Mieke, Chiel, Jessy, Hairy and Erik for the great weekend and all the road support!

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